H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
203Identify each issue as an advantage or disadvantage of the travel cost method:Drag and Drop
204Complete the diagram by matching the method to the category of non-market valuationDrag and Drop
205Ch12_9Fill in the Blanks
206Ch12_10True/False Question
207Ch12_11Multiple Choice
208Ch12_12Drag the Words
209Ch12_13Multiple Choice
210Ch12_14Fill in the Blanks
211Ch12_15True/False Question
212Ch12_16Multiple Choice
213C11_normativeMultiple Choice
214C11_conseqMultiple Choice
215CH12_deonMultiple Choice
216Ch11_13True/False Question
217Drag and drop each example to categorise stated or revealed preferencesDrag and Drop
218DLU_Wk1_Q1Multiple Choice
219DLU_Wk1_Q2Multiple Choice
220DLU_Wk1_Q3True/False Question
221DLU_Wk1_Q4Drag the Words
222DLU_Wk1_Q5True/False Question
1 9 10 11 12 13 15