Add your book to Learn.UQ (Blackboard)

Add a weblink in the menu

Import your book into Learn.UQ (Blackboard)

If you want your book embedded within the course, rather than just linked:

Contact, OR

  1. Select Common Cartridge with Web Links under Export
  2. Click Export your Book
  3. Download the .imscc file after it appears in the list of exports
  4. Email and include:
    1. The full course ID. ABCD1234S_7xxx_xxxxx
    2. The link to your Pressbook (the public url)
    3. And attach the common cartridge file.

eLearning will install the provided cartridge file and then check it matches your Pressbook contents in the link.

In your course site, your book will appear in a new content area in your course. Each chapter will be a section. You can copy, move and delete the chapters in your course.


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