Author and publisher responsibilities

Before and after publication, there are tasks that must be performed as part of the process or to meet legal requirements.

These tables outlines the tasks that should be undertaken by the author and the publisher (The University of Queensland). Contact if you have any questions.

Author responsibilities

Task Description
Signed author agreements Ensure that all authors have signed the author agreements prior to publication.
Creative Commons Licence Choose a Creative Commons Licence for your book and add it to your Book Info and the Title page of your book.
Copyright Ensure you have the appropriate rights to all the content you have included in your publication
Accessible content Make sure your headings, images, tables and other content in your book are accessible for all.
UQ eSpace record Add your book to UQ eSpace – to ensure your Open Textbook @ UQ book is listed as part of your publications or to meet reporting requirements.
DOI As part of the UQ eSpace process, you can request a DOI for your book. Add the DOI to your Book Info section.
Re-export your book when you make updates If you make updates to your book after publication, re-export the files to be available for download.

Publisher responsibilities

Task Description
ISBN We will request an ISBN and add it to the Book Info section of your book.
Check the UQ eSpace record and DOI We will follow up to ensure that your book has a UQ eSpace record and DOI.
Copyright and accessibility We will check your Pressbook for copyright or accessibility issues
Legal Deposit via National eDeposit After publication, we will deposit a PDF version of your book via National eDeposit. Read Legal deposit of published books in Australia to understand the requirements.
Library Search record After publication, we will request a record for your book in Library Search (Primo).
Digital Practices Lab and Library social media promotion We will promote your book via our Digital Practices Lab, our Librarians and Library social media.


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