Export options

How to export your book files

To export your book:

  1. Access your Pressbooks dashboard
  2. Click Export from the side menu
  3. In the Export Options panel, select the boxes for the file formats you wish to export
  4. Click the Export Your Book button directly under the Export Options panel.

Make the export files available

  1. Go to Settings > Sharing & Privacy from the side menu
  2. At Share Latest Export Files select Yes. I would like the latest export files to be available on the homepage for free, to everyone.
  3. Click Save Changes.

More information on exporting from Pressbooks.

Test your export files

You can test your ebook export files on common ebook platforms.

Keep Exports up to date

Remember to re-export the Export files every time you make a change to your published book, if you want the change to appear in the download options.

Recommended export options

Make these export types available via the Export option:

  • Print PDF
  • Digital PDF
  • EPUB
  • HTMLBook

PDF (both print and digital)

  • Adjust the PDF export under AppearanceTheme options.
  • A4 is probably best.
  • For books with wide tables – choose a larger page size so it will have smaller margins.
  • Print PDF version links to the videos and links don’t appear as hyperlinks but they are.
  • Digital PDF links to the videos and links appear as hyperlinks.


Requires an ereader to open, such as Adobe Digital Editions, Dropbox, Apple Books or Kobo.


Opens in a web browser.

Formatting issues in exports

Section breaks for titles and images in PDFs

  • In the PDF version you can add section breaks to try to get a title and figure (or table) on the same page. This only works for the PDF versions.
  • Section break code: <p class=”section-break”>your text</p>
  • Page break after a section break: <p class=”section-break-page”>your text</p>

Force a page break before or after a heading or paragraph:

  • <h2 class=”page-break-before”>A heading which will have a page break before it is rendered</h>
  • <p class=”page-break-after”>This is a paragraph which will have a page break after it is rendered.</p>

Add a blank page: <div class=”blank-page”>*</div>

Blank pages in PDFs

You can try to remove blank pages from your PDF file by changing the Section Openings:

    1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options
    2. Select the PDF Options tab
    3. At Section Openings
      • For PDF (for print) – change it to Left or right page section openings.
      • For PDF ( for digital distribution) – change it to No blank pages.
    4. Click Save Changes
    5. Then, re-export your PDF file
    6. Then go back to Theme options again to change it to export the other file type.


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