Peer Review

Consider peer review prior to publication of your open textbook to ensure high quality content. The peer review process for open textbook publishing requires getting critical feedback and suggestions for improving content from subject experts.

The Rebus Community Peer Review Process Guide provides a detailed overview of the process. Key things to consider are:

  • Who will coordinate the process? Contact reviewers, collect and track the reviews, and send the reviews to authors for follow-up.
  • How many reviewers will you have? A minimum of 2 peer reviewers is recommended.
  • Anonymous reviewers or do you want reviewers to be able to communicate and be publicly credited?
  • Will the reviewers critique the whole book or certain chapters?
  • What is the deadline for completion? 4-6 weeks is recommended.
  • Who will incorporate the feedback and how? Authors, editors etc.
  • Adding a Review Statement.

Open Textbooks @ UQ Peer review template

We have created a peer review template that you may like to send to your reviewers to gather their feedback. Download the template:

Open Textbooks Peer Review template (DOCX, 60 KB)

Other templates are available:

Review Statement

You can include a Review Statement in the book back matter to show that the book has undergone peer review and is a high quality resource. You can list the reviewers (if they have agreed to be credited) and publicly recognise their work on the project.

Review Statement template

This guide was adapted from the Rebus Community Peer Review Process Guide, licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.


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