Pressbook admin interface overview

Access your book

  1. Go to or your book’s URL to sign in
  2. Click Sign in
    • UQ staff and students should choose the Login via UQ authenticate option
    • Choose the main login option if you have edit access but are not based at UQ or if you have previously signed up with another login
  3. Click My Books or Admin to access the book you have edit access to
  4. Hover over the book title and click Visit Admin.

Book menu

From your book’s side-menu you can start adding content and making changes to your book:

  • Visit Site – Hover over the book title to show Visit Site. Allows you to preview your book or view the public version.
  • Organise – Click Organise to start adding content
  • Book Info – Add the title, authors, book cover, Creative Commons licence, publication date etc
  • Appearance – Edit the theme and theme options
  • Export – Export PDF and EPUB versions of your book for download
  • Import – Import a Microsoft Word docx, EPUB and other formats to upload existing content to the book.
  • Plugins – Activate available plugins, including H5P
  • Media – Upload images and other media files
  • Users – Add new users and update permissions.
Overview of admin interface
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