Adding your open access works to UQ eSpace


Benefits of adding your Open Textbooks @ UQ open access works to UQ eSpace

Pressbooks and other OER (Open Educational Resources) works can be added to UQ eSpace in order to include them as part of your publications. Pressbooks will be catalogued and discoverable through Library Search (Primo), the Library’s resource discovery system for users. The main purpose of the UQ eSpace record is to ensure your Pressbook is listed as part of your publications or to meet any reporting requirements.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhancing your My Works list in UQ eSpace
  • Minting a DOI for eligible types
  • Recording the relevant CC licence to clarify use and reuse of your work
  • Uploading to ORCID via ORCID Upload opt-in
  • Auto-populate your UQ Researchers profile or school website (if applicable)
  • Be well placed to attract social media activity
  • Be more discoverable via Google and Google Scholar

Request a UQ eSpace record and DOI prior to publication

The Library can mint a DOI for scholarly works produced by current staff and students at The University of Queensland. Your work must be deposited into UQ eSpace and must have been published by The University of Queensland, including all internal organisational units associated with the University. The item must not include a previously minted DOI.  Open Textbooks @ UQ books are eligible to have a DOI minted as The University of Queensland is the publisher.

To request a pre-publication DOI for your Pressbook:

  1. Contact UQ eSpace
  2. Provide the metadata for your book. Include these details:
    • Authors
    • Title
    • Contributors
    • Place of Publication: Brisbane, Australia
    • Publisher: The University of Queensland
    • Publication year
    • URL
    • CC licence
    • ISBN

The metadata for the work becomes available publicly via Crossref (DOI minting organisation) once the DOI is minted. UQ eSpace will create a ‘restricted access’ record for the work, mint a DOI on your behalf just prior to public release of the work, and provide you with the DOI for inclusion on the work itself. Note:  It is possible to make the metadata publicly available and the content file restricted.

After your book is published, UQ eSpace can release the record.

Benefits of a DOI include:

  • Persistent identifier for your work – wherever the link is shared users will be directed to your work in UQ eSpace.
  • Greater discoverability
  • Can be tracked by Altmetric to create a social media activity score, which is harvested back to eSpace and displayed on your work.

Learn more about DOIs and UQ eSpace.

Add to UQ eSpace after publication

If your Pressbook is already published, you can add it to UQ eSpace and request a DOI.

  1. Go to UQ eSpace and log in
  2. Select Add a missing work
  3. Follow the Add a missing work process in the UQ eSpace guide
  4. Click Skip Search
  5. Select Work Type > Book
  6. Choose the most appropriate subtype e.g. Text book.

Place of Publication and Publisher

  • Add Brisbane, Australia as Place of publication.
  • Add The University of Queensland as Publisher.


  1. Request a DOI via the Notes field on the deposit form, prior to submitting the form
  2. A DOI will be minted for the work and will be visible on the view page for your work in UQ eSpace, including in the work citation.

Optional details

Link – add the URL for your Pressbooks works here. This will help our UQ eSpace team process the record.

Content Indicator

There are three optional choices available:

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Protocol
  • Case Study

If none apply, this can be left blank or updated at any time through Request a correction in UQ eSpace.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

  • If the work is based on systematic inquiry into student learning and publishes the findings.
  • Can select via the deposit form when manually submitting a new work.
  • Can select via the CLAIM form when claiming an existing work or manually ingesting a new work.
  • Can select via the REQUEST CORRECTION form for an existing work already linked to your profile.

More information about Content indicators.

What happens next

After you select Submit for approval, the Research Outputs team will process the record you submit and mint a DOI, if an eligible work type, usually within 1-2 days.

Your publication will display in:

  • UQ eSpace
  • UQ Researchers
  • Individual Activity Profile (IAP)
  • School or org unit profile web page (if set up)
  • Academic Portal
  • Export from UQ eSpace to Excel/EndNote
  • ORCID, if opted in to UQ eSpace/ORCID upload or via authorisation of Crossref in ORCID
  • Google and Google Scholar.

Please note: a separate library record will also appear in Library search for discovery and access.

Further information about UQ eSpace and its benefits.

Updating your book’s UQ eSpace record

  1. Log into UQ eSpace
  2. Click My works
  3. Click Request Correction.


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