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Work with Data and Files quiz

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Module summary

1 What is data?

  • Data can take a variety of forms.
  • It must be analysed and interpreted to give it meaning.

2 Uses of data

  • Data is used to build knowledge and inform research.
  • It must be used ethically.

3 Sources of data

  • You can use existing data or collect your own.
  • The quality of datasets should be evaluated.

4 Clean data

  • Data may require cleaning to be usable.
  • Data must be in a format that analysis software can open and read.

5 Data storage

  • There are many different types and sizes of digital storage solutions.
  • Asking yourself some simple questions can be helpful in figuring out your storage needs.
  • It is important to think through how you will back up and to create a backup plan.

6 File naming and formats

  • Using file names that can give context is a valuable practice as it can save time and frustration.
  • Being able to recognise the different types of files, means you can then easily understand and make use of them.

7 Analyse and display data

  • There are many ways that data can be analysed and visualised.
  • Tools and software can help with this process.

8 Cite data

  • Any data used in your assignments or projects should be cited.
  • Different referencing styles have different formats for citing datasets.


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