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Information essentials quiz

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Module summary

Number 1 What is information?

  • Information is part of a hierarchy with data and knowledge.
  • One way of thinking about information is as data with added meaning.

Number 2 Types of information

  • Common sources of information include books, journals, newspapers and websites.
  • Peer reviewed journals are an excellent place to look for authoritative information.
  • You may need to use special types of information for your assignments. The Library has guides to help you find these.

Number 3 Finding information

  • Planning a search strategy will help you to find the best information for your assignment.
  • Library Search provides access to our resources and is a great place to start.
  • Databases are more subject specific and allow for very advanced searches.

Number 4 Searching the internet

  • Internet search engines curate the results that you get back, so treat them with care.
  • Just because information is freely available on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s of less quality.
  • Open access journals are often peer reviewed and freely available.

Number 5 Evaluating information

  • There are a lot of ways to tell whether information is reliable.
  • You can use the CRAAP method as a quick reminder of key qualities.

Number 6 Fake news, facts and data

  • Alternative facts aren’t facts.
  • Fake news isn’t a new phenomenon but can still be hard to spot.
  • Be careful when reading about or using statistics – are you getting the full picture?


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