6 AGLC Footnotes

The AGLC is a footnoting style where footnotes are inserted next to the relevant portion of text and the footnote entry appears at the bottom of each page.

To insert a footnote within Microsoft Word:

  1. Use the References tab
  2. Click Insert Footnote.

The General Rules section provides more information about the general format of footnotes.

The AGLC covers many different types of sources. Begin by identifying the type of source you would like to reference, then locate the associated rule in the AGLC contents or index.

This section provides example footnote citations for a selection of key sources; consult the AGLC  itself for comprehensive rules for referencing other types of sources.

Click on the i symbols for an explanation of each element in the citation.

 Cases — AGLC rule 2

Reported case footnote citation example (AGLC 2.2)

Legislative Materials — AGLC rule 3

Statute footnote citation example

Journal Articles — AGLC rule 5

Journal article footnote citation example

Books — AGLC rule 6

Book footnote citation example

Reports and Similar Documents — AGLC rule 7.1

Law Reform Commission publication footnote citation example (AGLC  7.1.4)

Looseleaf Services — AGLC rule 7.8

Online looseleaf commentary service footnote citation example

Refer to AGLC  7.8 to format a print/hardcopy looseleaf service citation.

Sources not covered by the AGLC

To reference a source that does not fit neatly within an AGLC rule, adapt an existing rule for a similar source to maintain ‘clarity and consistency’.[1] It may also be helpful to search for post-2018 citations of the source in articles published in the following journals on the AustLII website, as they adhere strictly to the AGLC style:

Contact the AGLC editors on Twitter via @AGLCTweets to ask complex referencing questions.

  1. Melbourne University Law Review Association and Melbourne Journal of International Law, Australian Guide to Legal Citation (4th ed, 2018) xi (‘AGLC’)


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