We would like to acknowledge those who assisted us in the initiation, development and completion of this book – your assistance is greatly valued by us. We first thank the University of Queensland Library’s Open Textbook Grant Program for funding and providing ongoing support in the development of this book. Particular thanks to Marianne Sato for immense support as we started this venture and saw it through to its successful conclusion.

Thank you to The University of Queensland School of Communication and Arts for supporting the Public Interest Communication course for which this book was developed. Their support is particularly valued given that the course is the first of this type that we are aware of.

Thank you to the students who provided feedback and constructive recommendations for improvement of the book. In particular, thank you to those students who provided permission for their podcasts to be included in the book:

  • Aiden Taylor ‘Food Relief and Second Bite’ (Chapter 3)
  • Chelsea Peachey ‘Pro Bono’ (Chapter 5)
  • Claire Chuyue Chen ‘Share the Dignity’ (Chapter 9)
  • Gracie Mackie ‘Homelessness’ (Chapter 2)
  • Lorita Vina ‘Veronica Koma: Saviour of the Papuan People’ (Conclusion)
  • Madeleine Wright ‘Homelessness’ (Chapter 6)
  • Michaela Cameron ‘Nice Coffee’ (Chapter 4)
  • Mya-Darly Ngwe ‘Sustainable Palm Oil’‘ (Chapter 7)
  • Vivien Chen ‘Partnership for Peat’ (Chapter 8)

Thank you to the reviewers for their time and assistance in improving this book:

  • Ian Somerville, Professor, University of Leicester
  • Kelly Fielding, Professor, University of Queensland
  • Skye Doherty, Lecturer, University of Queensland
  • Leanne Glenny, Senior Adjunct Research Fellow, University of South Australia
  • Michele Clark, Assistant Professor, Bond University


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