H5P activities list

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21Ch-1 Summary (10)Fill in the Blanks
22Ch-1 Exercise Q1Fill in the Blanks
23Ch-1 Exercise Q2Fill in the Blanks
24Economic vs Financial PerspectiveCourse Presentation
25Present Value 1Course Presentation
26Future ValueCourse Presentation
27NPV Project ComparisonCourse Presentation
28NPV Beginning of YearCourse Presentation
29Project X NPV TimelineCourse Presentation
30Project Y NPV TimelineCourse Presentation
31Project Y Rollover 1Course Presentation
32NPV Rollover Project Y Second Formula ApplicationCourse Presentation
33mcq1Multiple Choice
34Ch-2 Exercise Q1Multiple Choice
35Drag and DropDrag and Drop
36Ch-2 Exercise Q3Fill in the Blanks
37Ch-2 Exercise Q4Fill in the Blanks
38Drag the correct statement into the boxes below:Drag and Drop
39Ch-2 Exercise Q12Fill in the Blanks
40Ch-2 Exercise Q5Fill in the Blanks
1 2 3 4 15