H5P activities list

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41Ch-2 Exercise Q6Fill in the Blanks
42Ch-2 Exercise_Excel_Q1Multiple Choice
43Ch-2 Exercise Q13Fill in the Blanks
44Ch-2 Exercise Q14Fill in the Blanks
45Ch-2 Exercise Q15Fill in the Blanks
46Ch-2 Exercise Q7Fill in the Blanks
47Ch-2 Exercise Q8Fill in the Blanks
48Ch-2 Exercise Q9Fill in the Blanks
49Ch-2 Exercise Q10Fill in the Blanks
50Ch-2 Exercise Q11Fill in the Blanks
51Ch-2 Exercise Q16True/False Question
52Ch-2 Exercise Q20Multiple Choice
53Ch-2 Exercise Q18Drag the Words
54Ch-2 Exercise Q21Multiple Choice
55Ch-2 Exercise Q22Multiple Choice
56Ch-2 Exercise Q23Multiple Choice
57Ch-2 Exercise Excel_Q2Multiple Choice
58Ch-2 Exercise Q19Multiple Choice
59Tangible vs Intangible ImpactsDrag and Drop
60Negative Net Benefits?Essay
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