1 A Note from the Author


The author would like to acknowledge that Academic Writing Skills is a clone of Megan Robertson’s Academic Writing Basics, and as such draws on and synthesizes the contributions of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centre team. The following ten chapters have been edited and refined from the original text:

1. Overall learning objectives
2. Assessing current knowledge
3. Building basics

15. Types of academic writing
16. Keyword Clues – Determining the Type of Writing
17. Breaking down an assignment
18. Concept Mapping – Seven Steps
19. Outlining Sample

28. Planning Your Writing – Overcoming Obstacles
29. Revising Your Writing

All other chapters have been written by Patricia Williamson.


I would like to acknowledge the support of Justine Cawley of UQ Pressbooks. Without Justine’s encouragement this project would not have even begun. I would also like to thank Amanda Bohnen for her tireless review work and her keen eye for detail; Academic Writing Skills is more polished as a result of her edits.

I would also like to acknowledge my very patient family and supportive partner Tony who has been energetic in his encouragement of the entire project. Thank you.


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