Yo, tú, nosotrxs y ellxs

Objetivos de aprendizaje

In this module we will explore ways of self-identification and getting to know each other. 

Specifically, will learn about:

  • how to greet each other hello and goodbye in different contexts.
  • how to introduce and describe ourselves and other people (classmates, friends, loved ones, possessions).
  • how to exchange personal information (asking and answering questions about: name, surname, country of origin, languages spoken, age, profession, preferences, etc.).
  • how to express possession (possessive adjectives: mi, tu, su).
  • useful questions and vocabulary relevant to classroom interactions.
  • the Spanish alphabet, key pronunciation and grammatical structures (grammatical gender/number, personal pronouns).
  • key historical and sociocultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world relevant to these objectives.
  • how to use CONNECTING WORDS (y, o, también, pero, ni…ni) to form sentences and connect ideas.
  • how to conjugate and use key VERBS, including: ser, estar, llamarse, tener, querer, hablar, comprender, vivir.
  • NUMBERS: 0-100+.



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