Part 1 – Practical Learning in Campus-based Commercial Hotels

On campus hotels take one of two forms. They can be run as commercial, for profit businesses, whether as independent entities or part of national franchises, or they can be run as revenue generating, but not necessarily for profit training hotels. Part 1 on this book examines a number of models of commercial hotel properties, while Part 2 examines the not necessarily for profit model adopted by some other institutions.

This part of the book begins with a census of on-campus hotels based in the United States, written by Tripodi et al. The next two chapters examine two approaches to the development of commercial hotels with a strong training focus. The Chapter by Tracey looks at the Statler Hotel located on campus at Cornell University, while the Chapter by Ren et al explores the development of the Hotel Icon at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A Chapter by Miller and Sullivan that examines the challenges in developing a branded hotel at the University of Delaware in the USA follows. Hay presents a different perspective of an on campus hotel at the Heriot-Watt University in the UK that offers traineeships and employment for non-hospitality students.


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