Part 2 – Practical Learning in On-Campus Training Hotels

Developing on campus training hotels that are designed to generate some revenue, but not necessarily run commercially is the second model adopted by some programmes. These types of facilities tend to provide excellent training opportunities for students, but often have to face the challenge of continuing to justify their existence to university senior management.

This section of the book presents three cases. The first is from Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand that examines the process of integrating student training into hotel operations. The second case comes from the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau that examines its training model and discusses challenges faced by its on-campus boutique property. The third case comes from the Hospitality Institute of Sanya, China that discusses its tripartite educational model that  incorporates both on campus training with hotel operations. Interestingly, in all cases, students complete one internship in the on campus hotel and another longer internship off-campus.


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