Part 4 – Off Campus Practicums and Internships

Most universities do not have the resources to develop their own training hotels. Instead, the common practice is for students to complete the practical training component of their degrees off campus in commercial establishments. As discussed in the Part of the book, this model has a number of advantages, but also poses challenges for both industry, students and universities.

Chapter 13 by Mackenzie presents three examples of hotel initiated programmes. Chapter 14 by Flaherty and Gallina discusses the University of Guelph’s co-op programme in Canada. Chapter 15 by Klenert discusses how internal support for international post graduate students can help ease them into their practicum experience. Chapter 16 by Seager examines the challenges in integrating work integrated learning in a South African contest. Last, Chapter 17 by Lam and Yeo looks at a similar programme in Singapore.


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