3. Book rooms

Make a booking

UQ students can make room bookings at UQ using UQ Book It.

UQ Book It allows you to book group and individual study rooms, as well as rooms with assistive technology or green screens.

  1. Login to UQ Book It to find Library rooms
  2. Click a room title to view its schedule
  3. Click on an available day and time
  4. Enter a title and other details in the booking form
  5. Click Book.

The Information button has more information about each room.

Tips for finding available rooms

Use the Refine Search option to find a room:

  • available now
  • by date or time
  • in a particular library
  • to fit a certain number of people.

The list of rooms will update and showing matching rooms.

Types of rooms you can book

UQ has a number of locations, with different types of rooms to suit your study needs. These slides show some examples of bookable rooms in the Library:

How long can I book a room for?

You can book a room online:

  • for 3 hours maximum per booking.
  • with a limit of 3 bookings per calendar week (Monday – Sunday).
  • up to 7 days in advance.

You cannot make bookings for a date that has passed or is more than 7 days in advance. You cannot book spaces reserved for certain client groups.

Find a room

Rooms have a standard UQ name like 94-203 Biological Sciences Library. The name tells you where the room is:

  • 94 = Building #94.
  • 203 = Room number. The room is on the 2nd floor.
  • Biological Sciences Library = the room is in the Biological Sciences Library.

Our Library Location pages have floor plans to help you find the room.

Do you know how to find a room?

Tip: Use UQ Maps or UQ Bookit to help you.

View, edit or cancel your bookings

Go to My Bookings to view, edit or cancel any of your current bookings.

Edit a booking

  1. Select a current booking
  2. Click Edit
  3. Update the booking details
  4. Click Update.

Cancel a booking

  1. Select a current booking
  2. Click Cancel.

Exam booths for online invigilated exams

You can use the Book an exam booth in the Library form to book exam booths to sit your online invigilated exam (e.g. ProctorU, Zoom or Inspera Exam Portal invigilated exams).

Library study spaces

Let us know your favourite place to study in the following form. The form is set to anonymous. We will get your response data but we won’t know who has submitted it.
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