7. Student email

Microsoft Office 365 email account

As a UQ student, you are supplied with an Microsoft Office 365 email account.

  • The University will contact you for official communications via your UQ provided email address.
  • Always use your UQ email when emailing university staff to ensure that your email doesn’t get blocked by spam filters, and so that the recipient can verify who you are.
  • In the Communicate and Collaborate module you can get tips on writing effective emails.

Activate your email

Activate your student email through the my.UQ dashboard. On the Prepare for semester page, scroll to the Student email section for detailed instructions on activating your student email.

Manage your email

The student Email pages have information on accessing and managing your student email.

Once activated, you can also access your emails via the Office 365 website.

Email password reset

You can reset your student email password by resetting your UQ account password. Your UQ password and student email password will then be the same.

Go to the password reset page to reset your password.

Mobile app set up


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