10. UQ ePortfolio

What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is an online collection of evidence that showcases your reflective learning and experiences during your time at University and can help you get a job.

An ePortfolio may be used in your program or discipline to track development of professional skills or graduate attributes, and includes a Collaboration Workspace tool. Workspaces are collaborative or shared environments that contain portfolios, artifacts, and discussions.

Setup your ePortfolio

If you do not have a ePortfolio you can set up an account by following the What is ‘my ePortfolio’ instructions.

video icon Watch my ePortfolio (YouTube, 2m12s):

Why have an ePortfolio and not just a resume?

Unlike a traditional resume, ePortfolio allows you to demonstrate skills and accomplishments with multimedia files, such as images, video, audio and presentations. It also has the capacity to expand your professional image. Some advantages are:

  • Allows you to reflect and showcase your learning
  • Hosted in the cloud allowing remote access
  • Enables you to add instructor or peer feedback as an artifact, that can be sorted into a collection
  • Resource folders can be added to allow access to information and documents
  • Allows multiple users to the ePortfolio to view your work remotely including mentors and tutors
  • Allows you to engage and collaborate with peers in discussion forums.

think icon Activities to incorporate into your ePortfolio

UQ Volunteering — enables students to gain experience, self-confidence and develop new skills while creating professional networks. A good first place to initiate your interest would be to attend the annual UQ Volunteer Expo, which brings together major charities and not for profit organisations from around Australia.

Global Experiences — offers a wide range of world-class study options and allows you to experience different perspectives on your field of study to broaden your skills and knowledge.

UQ Students-Staff Partnerships — provides a valuable opportunity for staff and students to co-design courses, tutorial or assessment activities, co-facilitate events, or co-develop engagement initiatives.

UQ Mentoring programs — becoming a mentor can develop your leadership skills.

How do I renew my ePortfolio?

While you study at UQ, your ePortfolio must be activated or renewed. To do this:

  1. Go to your Learn.UQ Institution Page – Useful links section.
  2. Click on the my ePortfolio links.
Link to my ePortfolio and my ePortfolio account set up
The my ePortfolio  and account set up links are available on the Institution page.


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