Module overview

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Approximately 30 minutes


my.UQ is a great place to access most of the UQ systems you will need for your studies. Through the my.UQ Dashboard, you can access your email,  Learn.UQ (Blackboard), your timetable and more.

This module is part of Digital Essentials, a series of online modules to help you quickly build your digital skills so you can succeed in study and work.

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Aims and objectives

This module will give an overview of the systems you will use at the University of Queensland (UQ), including Learn.UQ, mySI-net, TurnItIn, email and UQ Book It.

After completing this module, you will know:

  • which systems to use for different tasks at UQ
  • how to solve common IT issues
  • how to use the systems to complete tasks.

Module sections

  1. Check your IT set up first!
  2. Assignment submission
  3. Book rooms
  4. Learn.UQ (Blackboard)
  5. Lecture recordings
  6. Printing at UQ
  7. Student email
  8. Student enrolment
  9. StudentHub
  10. UQ ePortfolio
  11. Conclusion

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