8. Student enrolment

At UQ, all student information and enrolments are handled in a system referred to as mySI-net.

The system supports student-related activities across all campuses including admissions, enrolments, examination, degree progression checking and the calculation and charging of fees. it also contains a large amount of data about UQ’s courses and programs.

mySI-net is an important system for all students as this is where you enrol and track your studies while at UQ.

Enrolling in courses

video icon mySI-net Enrolling in Courses (YouTube 1m21) takes you through the process of logging in, adding and dropping courses and adding a new course.

Useful links for when you are enrolling:

Task Wizard

The first time you log in to mySI-net, you will be presented with the Task Wizard.

This list of simple tasks must be completed before you can enrol in your courses. It will appear every time you log in until you have finished each task.

Starting at UQ has more information on completing the Task Wizard.


After you enrol, select your preferred class times in My Timetable, accessed via my.UQ.

You’ll then be allocated a class based on these preferences.  Class allocation has more information on registering your class preferences.

There is a short delay between enrolling in a course and the course appearing in My Timetable. If your course is still not available in My Timetable after 24 hours, contact Student Central

Once classes have been allocated, you can view your final timetable in My Timetable by selecting the Timetable tab.

Important! Remember to check your timetable regularly before semester starts to ensure there are no changes to room venues or class times.

Academic Integrity Modules

All new to UQ students and new to a program students need to complete the compulsory Academic Integrity Modules (AIM) before the due dates.

If you are new to a program and have completed AIM previously you do not have to complete the modules a second time.

If you don’t complete the AIM modules before the due date:

  • Your grades will not be released at the end of the semester.
  • You will not be able to enrol in courses for the upcoming semester.

mySi-net tasks

Logging in to mySI-net

Once you activate your student account, you can log in to mySI-net. Log in through the my.UQ Dashboard or directly through mySI-net.

Locked out of mySi-net

You may be locked out from mySi-net if you:

  • enter an incorrect password three times in a row
  • log in but fail to log out within 180 minutes.

Contact AskUs if this happens to you.

Enrol in courses

Get started by logging in to mySI-net, then:

  1. Go to Enrolments & Timetables > Enrolment Summary > Add Course
  2. Type in a course code and check the details (campus, location, semester etc)
  3. Go to Add Course
  4. Repeat these steps to enrol in your other courses.

If you encounter any problems, contact your faculty or Student Central.

Trouble making your schedule work

For class allocation help, go to my.UQ – Class allocation.

my.UQ – Teaching period calendar has important dates for students enrolled in non-standard teaching periods.

If you need further assistance, contact Student Central.


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