Lesson 2 activities (hands off)

So many things in a day

Activity 1

In small groups, talk about your daily routine/activities. Answer the questions below.

Activity 2

Activity 3

Analyse the sentences below. These were taken from Linggle, an online tool that shows examples of actual uses of the language.

The sentences are © Linggle, all rights reserved, used with permission.

We have put extensive experience in application migration.
This puts extra money in your pocket.
So he gets home by 3am.
These boots are easy to put on and off.
It means the volleyball season is over.
By early 1894 the war was over.
He married twice and has three children.
People are able to access information online.
A few customers were able to resolve the problems.
It can take four photos per second while recording video.
More skills needed to get a job.
Who is taking care of your forest?
I put so much effort into it.
The group gets some money in corporate contracts.
I started to take pictures every few minutes.
Many students have problems recalling simple facts.


Activity 4

Activity 5

Discuss the following questions with your classmates.

  • In this lesson, were you able to learn more about verb combinations? If so, what did you learn?
  • What was it like to use Skell?
  • Do you think you can use this tool to check other aspects of the language?


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