Lesson 15 development

¡Cuándo me falte fuerza, resistiré!

A person standing on a rock at sunset with their arms spread out.
Figure 2. A person standing on a rock at sunset via PxHere. Retrieved on October 24, 2022.

Introduction (prior knowledge)

  10 mins            Teacher-Learners

Teacher activates learners’ previous knowledge about the theme of the song Resistiré.

  15 mins            Learners-Learners

Teacher shows learners the video clip, explaining the contexts in which it was recorded and then re-recorded.

Introduction (discussion)

  10 mins            Learners-Learners

Learners are divided into pairs and discuss about the song theme and the contexts in which the verb to resist was used.

  10 mins            Teacher-Learners

Pairs share their discussion points with the whole class.

Development (corpus research)

  10 mins            Learners-Learners

Learners get to know how to use Voyant Tools.

  15 mins            Teacher-Learners

In groups, learners use Voyant Tools. They explore the following tools by clicking on the Corpus Tools: Word Tree; Mandala; Cirus; Terms Berry; Contexts for this activity.

  20 mins            Learners-Learners

In groups, learners use Voyant Tools to observe the most common verb tenses and modes, as well as the complement pronouns used with the verbs.


  30 mins            Teacher-Learners

In groups, learners discuss the use of time and verbal mode – present of the subjunctive/ future and observe through the tool that the composer used the pronoun complement before verbs. In the song, this verb mode was used to express a need.


  30 mins            Learners-Learners

Learners create a poster with sentences using the target grammatical structure, aiming for a resilience message with the following theme: 5 things that I will do if my plans don’t work out.

Wrap Up

  30 mins            Teacher-Learners

Learners present their posters.


The assessment will take place throughout the process of the activities, in a formative way, through the analysis of learners’ participation, the data collected from Voyant Tools tool and their final poster.


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