Lesson 15 activities (hands on)

¡Cuándo me falte fuerza, resistiré!

Activity 1

In small groups, discuss the following questions about the song Resistiré.

Get the lyrics in Spanish and the English translation for Resistiré.

Activity 2

Activity 3

Go to Voyant Tools to search for the most frequent words found in the song lyrics. To do so, copy and paste the song lyrics into the tool and observe the following tools by clicking on the Corpus Tools: Mandala; Cirus; Terms Berry.

Activity 4

Analyse the pronoun ME, through the Corpus Tools Word Tree tools. The Corpus Tools Word Tree tool is accessible through the Trends graph (click on the Windows icon). Then click on Visualization Tools and, next, on Word-Tree. The data will be presented in a tree format. The ‘branches’ join the most frequent word together.

Activity 5

Answer the following questions as you analyse this data and use the Contexts tool where the pronoun ME appears.

To access the Context tool, click on Export a URL. This will open a new URL with the concordance lines of the most frequent words. Now, it is easier to visualise and observe the word category, and verb tense. This will help you to identify the word pattern necessary to do Activities 5 and 6.

Activity 6

Observe the concordance lines with the use of verbs in the present of the subjunctive/future in the Contexts tool.

Activity 7

After reflecting on the song lyrics and the use of the present temporal sentences of the subjunctive/future, create a poster with sentences using this grammatical structure. Focus on transmitting a message of resilience with the following theme: 5 things I will do if my plans don’t work out. You can create your poster on Power Point or using online tools, such as Canva.

Activity 8

Discuss the following questions with your peers:

  • What are the key takeaways from this lesson?
  • What have you learnt about the pronoun ME?
  • Can the corpora tools used in this lesson (e.g., Voyant Tools) help you learn other aspects of Spanish? If so, in which way(s)?


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