Lesson 5 activities (hands on)

A good read

Activity 1

In groups, discuss the following questions:

  • Do you like reading?
  • What kind of books do you like reading?
  • Have you ever written a “book report” before?

Activity 2

Activity 3

Access COCA and search for the expressions from Activity 2 in the concordance lines. After that, answer the question below.

Activity 4

Use the COCA CORPUS to analyse the following expressions: gripping, quite moving, readable, bookworm. Answer the questions below.

Activity 5

Activity 6

In groups, discuss the following questions. Take notes of your key discussion points below.

Activity 7

Read an example of a “book report” from the following website SampleTemplates.

Activity 8

Discuss the following questions with your peers:

  • What were the key takeaways from this lesson?
  • In which way(s) has the lesson helped you understand how to write a book report?
  • Can COCA help you learn other language-related aspects? If so, in which way(s)?


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