Lesson 4 development

Adverbs of frequency and frequency expressions

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Figure 2. People walking on park by Dom J. via Pexels. Retrieved on January 20, 2023.

Introduction (prior knowledge)

  5 mins            Teacher-Learners

Discussion about learners’ previous knowledge on adverbs of frequency in English.

  5-15 mins            Learners-Learners

In pairs, students discuss the use of these adverbs in their everyday life speeches and write sentences that show these adverbs use.

  10 mins            Teacher-Learners

Pairs read the sentences to the whole class.

Development (research in corpora)

  15 mins            Teacher-Learners

Introduction of SKELL (the concordance lines and the Word sketch function).

  20 mins            Learners-Learners

In groups, students use SKELL to look for adverbs of frequency.

  5-10 mins            Teacher-Learners

The groups present the adverbs found to the class and discuss the context(s) of these adverbs use.

Application (use in sentences) 

  5 mins            Learners-Learners

Still in groups, learners discuss the importance of these adverbs in the target sentences.

  10 mins            Individual

Learners write sentences using these adverbs.

Conclusion (discussion)

  5 mins            Teacher-Learners

Learners have the opportunity to assess the class and comment on their opinion about SKELL.


Assessment will be based on learners’ interaction during the class, their receptivity and handling of the SKELL data, and on the sentences they write with the target adverbs.


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