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A good read

Liliane Mantovani Lopes

A good read

The lesson A good read targets High School students. In this lesson, learners will be invited to discuss their reading habits and will also learn colloquial expressions related to reading.

Following the approach of the previous lessons, this lesson is also available in hands-on and hands-off formats. In the hands-on format, learners will be required to access COCA – Corpus of Contemporary American English to search for frequent expressions. The hands-off format does not require learners to access this tool as the linguistic data has been previously selected by the author, and is available to download in the lesson itself.

The resources on COCA to be explored include: concordance lines (Concordance), frequency lines (FREQUENCY) and context (CONTEXT). The concordances will be important for learners as they observe the adjectives used to describe people who have the habit of reading. Please see the COCA interface on the screenshot below:

COCA interface
Figure 1. Screenshot of COCA. Retrieved on September 30, 2021. © Mark Davies (2008-), all rights reserved, used with permission.

Please watch Pressbooks Video 5 (YouTube, 4m40s) below to learn more about how to use the main functions of COCA.

About the author

Liliane Mantovani Lopes is a Post Ph.D researcher at the São Paulo State University (UNESP, Brazil). She has a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages (2010) and in Portuguese (2021). She holds a Master’s (2013) and a Ph.D (2021) degree in Language Studies. Currently, she is a student at North Paraná State University and at Londrina State University. She is a member of the Research Group En-Corpora (Corporsa-Based and Corpora-Driven Teaching) at UNESP. Her research areas are: Translation Studies, Corpus Linguistics and English for Specific and Academic Purposes.


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