Lesson 7 development

Let's talk about Brazilian culture

Couple dancing.
Figure 4. Ministério da Cultura, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.. Retrieved on October 24, 2022.


  10 mins            Teacher-Learners

Teacher activates learners’ previous knowledge on Latin American cultures and how it can be explained in English.

  10 mins            Learners-Learners

Teacher asks learners to write down as many words that portray Latin America as they can remember in English.

Development (the tools)

  10 mins            Teacher-Learners

Learners get to know how to use Linguee and COCA. Teacher explains and shows how to use these tools.

  15 mins            Teacher-Learners

In groups, learners use Linguee to explore the list of words and their contexts of use.

  15 mins            Learners-Learners

In groups, learners use COCA to explore the list of words and their contexts of use.

Development (corpus research)

  10 mins            Learners-Learners

Teacher shows excerpts from texts written in English, in which there is mention of local cuisine dishes, and asks learners to reflect on the names in English through the use of Linguee and COCA.

  20 mins            Teacher-Learners

Groups share the information found and their conclusions with the whole class.

Development (use of translation)

  20 mins            Teacher-Learners

In groups, learners look for possible ways to explain the typical ethnic groups in Brazil. Learners can bring to discussion the characteristics they know about Brazilian ethnic groups, such as behaviours, clothes, foods etc. They check the terms/explanations and try to identify which social group they refer to. They use Linguee to check the potential translations.

  30 mins            Learners-Learners

Learners read excerpts taken from a set of Anthropology texts and try to describe the elements of the Latin America geography in English. Learners use DeepL for this part of the activity. In groups of 3 or 4, learners discuss the translation options and consider if they helped them to improve their vocabulary.


  15 mins            Teacher-Learners

Teacher holds a whole-class discussion about what learners have learned and how they can use such data in other contexts.


Assessment will be formative and will take place throughout the process of the activities, by the analysis of learners’ participation, the data collected through the target tool, and the homework answers.


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