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Is this love?

Carolina Tavares de Carvalho

Is this love?

The lesson Is this love? was designed for a A2/B1 level English language course. The aim of this lesson is to help learners understand the context(s) where the word ‘love’ is used and how this word is expressed and represented in everyday life considering data from authentic language use.

This lesson is available in a hands-on format, but the teacher may adapt it for a hands-off format if needed. The difference between these two formats is that in the first one learners are required to access BNClab to search for the linguistic data necessary to carry out the activities. The second format does not require learners to access this tool as the linguistic data has been previously selected by the author, and is available to download in the lesson itself.

Regarding BNClab, it is expected that students use the search options Usage and select the items gender, age, social class, region and corpus, as shown in the image below.

BNClab query for 'love'.
Figure 1. Screenshot of BNClab query ‘love’. Retrieved on September 20, 2021. © BNClab, all rights reserved, used with permission.

In this lesson, we will also use TED Ed, YouTube, VersaText and Lyrics Training. Please watch Pressbooks Video 3 (YouTube, 13m51s) below to learn more about BNClab, YouTube, VersaText and Lyrics Training for this lesson.

About the author

Carolina Tavares de Carvalho is a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics at Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho – UNESP/Ibilce. She holds a Master’s degree (2021) from the same institution in Pedagogy of the Lexicon and Translation Based on Corpora research line. She is a member of the Translation, Terminology and Corpora Research Group and En-Corpora: Corpora-Based and Corpora-Driven Teaching (UNESP-Ibilce), and also participates in the project: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Brazilian research: A corpus-based approach to support research-paper writing and translation. She has a degree in Civil Engineering from Camilo Castelo Branco University (2009). She has also collaborated with the Global Strategy and Partnerships Seed Funding project (2021) between UNESP and The University of Queensland. She has taught English at Centro Cultural América S/S Ltda (Fernandópolis-SP) since 2017, where she has acted as a pedagogical coordinator.


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