Lesson 4 activities (hands off)

Adverbs of frequency and frequency expressions

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Check the sentences below, which were retrieved from SKELL (used with permission). SKELL is a tool that shows examples of natural language uses.


This whole theory has always been counter intuitive.

Popular vacation spots are almost always expensive.

Our main concern has always been affordability.

Classical music always centres around elitist talent.

The pictures are almost always exposed correctly.


It had never seen battle before today.

I had never done plasma cutting before.

Real biological networks are never completely understood.

I had never had such elevation before.

A morning workout has never been better!


You must often strip line under extreme deep break conditions.

People entering phase 1 trials are often healthy individuals.

The variable capacitor is often connected incorrectly.

I find vector graphics often quite boring.

Even simple chains are often quite complex.


This is sometimes done through straw purchases.

Rate coding is sometimes called ‘frequently coding’.

The ventral ridges are sometimes completely red.

Sometimes bigger paper allows ‘bigger thinking’.

Content biases are sometimes called ‘direct biases’.


This procedure is usually considered minor surgery.

These natural body substances are usually taken together.

This practice usually involves less religious importance.

These loans are usually named unsecured debt consolidation loans.

Villa bath houses usually had carefully decorated interiors.

Activity 4

Activity 5

Activity 6

Discuss the following questions with your peers:

  • What is the importance of adverbs of frequency in the development of sentences?
  • Do you think SKELL could help you learn other aspects of language? If so, in which way(s)?


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