Lesson 11 development

Does it collocate?

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  10 mins            Individual

Teacher asks learners to select five abstracts from prominent journals in their fields of study and have them available for the following class.


  30 mins            Teacher-Learners

Teacher shows an abstract on Collocaid and how the tool works. Teacher draws learners attention to the fact that the tool provides collocation suggestions/options that learners should select/choose from.


  10 mins            Individual

Learners paste one of the abstracts onto Collocaid to observe the collocations suggested by the tool.

  20 mins            Teacher-Learners (working individually)

Teacher asks learners to paste the other pre-selected abstracts onto Collocaid to analyse the suggested collocation options (verbal, noun, and adverbial collocations).

  10 mins            Teacher-Learners

Teacher and learners discuss the options offered by Collocaid.


  30 mins            Individual

Learners write their own abstracts and paste them onto Collocaid.

Conclusion (discussion)

  20 mins            Learners-Learners

Teacher and learners discuss the suitability of the options provided by the tool. They also discuss what each learner has learned.


Teacher selects abstracts from different areas and omits the collocations used in the original texts. Learners are asked to complete the abstracts the appropriate collocations with the support of Collocaid.

Discussion about the collocations learners did not know or did not frequently that use before.


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