Lesson 5 development

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Person reading a book in a hammock
Figure 2. Reading a book in a hammock via PxHere. Retrieved on October 18, 2022.

Introduction (prior knowledge)

  10 mins            Teacher-Learners

Teacher elicits learners’ prior knowledge about the ‘book report’ genre.

  10 mins            Learners-Learners

Teacher shows Activity 2, which contains expressions formed by two or more words (expressions or collocations), and asks students to do a matching activity.

Development (getting to know COCA)

  30 mins            Teacher-Learners / Learners-Learners

Teacher introduces COCA so that learners can search for the expressions they have previously studied.

  20 mins          Teacher-Learners

Groups share the information found with the whole class.

Development (corpus research)

  40 mins            Learners-Learners

Learners explore the use of adjectives and fill the table with the frequency and context of such words.

In groups, learners use COCA to explore the concordance lines.

In groups, learners use their previous knowledge and match the sentences from Activity 2 to the definitions of Activity 6.

Application (use in writing)

  20 mins            Teacher-Learners

In groups, learners discuss useful questions for the preparation of a book report.

  30 mins            Learners-Learners

In groups, learners discuss useful questions for the preparation of a book report, based on the expressions learnt in class.


  20 mins            Teacher-Learners

Teacher provides learners with feedback and discusses learners’ perceptions of the class and COCA.


The assessment will be formative and will take place throughout the process of the activities by the analysis of learners’ engagement with the activities and the data collected from COCA as the final activity.


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