Illustration by Kajsa G Åberg, Region Västerbotten, Sweden
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Åberg, K. (2013). Governance and Partnership in Tourism Development: On the Elusiveness of Participation in Tourism. In: L. Lundmark & C. Sandström (Eds.), Natural resources and regional development theory, (142-157). Department of Geography and Economic history, GERUM, Umeå University.

Åberg, K. G. (2014). The importance of being local: prioritizing knowledge in recruitment for destination development. Tourism Review, 69, 229-243.

Åberg, K. G. (2017). ” Anyone could do that”: Nordic perspectives on competence in tourism. Doctoral dissertation, Department of Geography and Economic history, Umeå University.

Åberg, K. G. (2020). Regional tourism organizations from management to marketing to knowledge-based development. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 20(3), 232-236.

Image description

In the center of the illustration is a figure drawn without characteristics. It balances with one foot on top of a globe. The other foot is lifted, balancing a stack of books. One hand is held over the head, holding a cup with steaming content. The other hand is holding two hearts. The figure is surrounded by in total fifteen quotations from publications, written without order and in different sizes and fonts. The illustration shows the core message of the publications: That tourism operators, educators and policy makers as well as researchers need to balance facts, feelings, basic needs and sustainability.


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